5 Reasons to Quit Job

You do not like your job, but you postpone dismissal all the time. A decent offer has not turned up, and you do not want to be left with nothing. But there are circumstances in which it is better to leave immediately. Work.ua found these five.

Finding a job is not easy, but sometimes even harder to quit! Often we stay at the unloved work because of fear: suddenly I will not find a new one, on which I will live, and in general – so much calmer.

So we spend a third of our precious time on an unloved occupation. But time is an irreplaceable resource. If you lack a good reason for a decisive step, Work.ua found as many as five.

Reason number 1: You do not want to get up in the morning

The simplest and most understandable reason to quit a job is you don’t like it. Do not like so much that in the morning you do not want to get up. You would prefer not to get out of bed at all, just not to go there. You dream of getting sick, the more serious – the better, because it will give the opportunity not to go to work. A happy life begins only with a vacation, but after two weeks it inevitably ends.

Reason number 2: No prospects

Working without prospects is rather sad, but it can be done for a very long time, moving on the thumb. The time here is working against you, how many years you will not spend on this work, you will still remain at the starting point. With age, it will be even more scary to leave work, but trying to storm an unfamiliar career ladder with a swoop is more difficult. So, if you have ambitions, drop this job before it’s too late, and look for a new, promising one.

Reason number 3: No development

The only reason why you can linger on a job that is unpromising from a career point of view is professional development. If you get new skills and knowledge needed in your career, useful contacts, then you can take this place of work as refresher courses for which you also pay. But if you already know everything and know how, and this work does not give you anything new, you should look for another one, so as not to stop developing.

Reason 4: Poor work organization

When you came to work for this company, you immediately felt that something was wrong here, but decided to stay and look at it. Inside, the company resembles a chaotic anthill – everyone runs around, fussing, screaming, and the efficiency is minimal. Favorite phrase: “Here’s your job, deadline – yesterday.”

Managers do not really know what they want from their subordinates, but do not get tired of blaming them for failures. Functions between employees are not clearly distributed, and colleagues gladly throw problems over each other. Deadlines are constantly breaking down, as the company keeps afloat – a mystery. In general, it can be seen with the naked eye – the work in the company is built up very badly.

Reason 5: Regular Salary Delays

In a situation where the salary is sometimes delayed for a couple of days, there is nothing terrible. But if the delays are systematic and accumulate like a snowball. But those cases when the delays are systematic and accumulate like a snowball (first they were delayed for a week, then by two, then by three and paid half), usually do not lead to anything good.

The management of such companies always says that the difficulties are temporary and the situation will improve. The parodox is that, the more a person works, the more a company should become to him, the more terrible to leave – he will not be paid at all. In any case, there is no sense in staying in such a company – the more you have to, the harder it will be to get this money.

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