Recruiting: Basic Methods and Principles

Recruiting collage scheme The word “recruiting” in translation from French means to recruit, recruit into the service. Currently, this term is widely used in connection with the search for qualified personnel. In fact, the recruitment agency is engaged in the selection for the client companies of employees of the necessary level of education, training, work experience, etc.

Among the principles of successful productive activity of a recruiter are the understanding of the customer’s needs and a full understanding of the client’s field of activity, as well as the ability to find applicants and work competently with them.

Applicant Search Methods

They are very different.

On the recommendation of friends, relatives, etc. As a rule, it is the least effective method of selecting the necessary candidate, due to the fact that it is based on the subjective opinion of non-professional people, who often tend to overestimate the potential of their loved ones. Among its positive characteristics are low costs.

Search inside the company-customer. Sometimes it is advisable to consider options for promoting employees of the company itself, rather than looking for a stranger. A positive factor here is the possibility of an adequate assessment of a candidate who has shown himself during his professional activities from one side or another. Also, his acquaintance with the team, the management of the company, the general rules and principles of the company will not require further considerable time to adapt it in a new capacity, but will provide an opportunity to immediately focus on its responsibilities.

Among the self-promoted. People in search of positions in some cases deserve special attention, especially if, along with a suitable resume for this vacancy, they have positive recommendations from previous jobs. A person who is not currently employed and is interested in a stable income will easily meet the increased volume of professional duties and is able to appreciate the prospect of the opportunity that has opened up. In addition, a positive characteristic in this case can be called his strategy not for passive waiting, but for actively seeking a new job.

With the help of media and the Internet. This method at a relatively low cost allows you to cover a wide range of possible candidates. At the same time, it envisages a large amount of work on processing all the available information and filtering out unsuitable applicants.

With the help of travel to higher education. Sometimes attracting university graduates as candidates for the post, who received high scores on the results of final exams, can have a positive result. This is the case when the lack of practical experience is compensated by the desire to introduce new ideas, technologies and developments into the company’s activities. The use of non-standard solutions in a new position, giving great importance to career growth, the ability to give extra time and attention to work due to, as a rule, lack of family care and medical restrictions can take the company to a new level.

With the help of state employment centers. These institutions keep records of citizens who are temporarily not employed. Depending on the degree of qualification of the required employee, sometimes the use of a database of such centers can be objectively justified.

With the help of private recruitment agencies. This is one of the most advantageous positions in the list of recruiting methods. Although it requires certain expenses of the client, subject to the experience of the positive activity of the agency in the market of these services, it can really help to find the best applicant for the position.

In order to achieve high results, the recruiter needs to do a lot of work with each applicant in order to determine and select the best candidate for the client company using different methods.

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