Resume that Attracts Attention

Sometimes employers do not even notice perfectly written resumes. But there are ways to make your own “business card”, thanks to which you can draw attention to your candidacy.

HR managers review a large number of resumes every day. In such a flow of information, they can easily lose sight of a suitable candidate. And each side of this will be the loser. The employer’s eye needs to cling to the necessary facts from the candidate’s professional experience in order to understand that he is the one who needs the company. has prepared 5 resume writing tips that will help job seekers to get their attention.

Result and again result

Every employer is waiting for positive results from employees. In the end, when finding a job, the skills and experience of the candidates are valued more than their education, as proved by the study of Therefore, it is very important to refer to your successes and achievements in the resume. The more you provide evidence of your success and effectiveness, the more interested your employer will be.

Try to express achievements in quantitative terms. The effectiveness, which is reflected in the figures – the most graphic evidence that you – a valuable employee. If any of your actions or decisions allowed you to increase profits by 20%, reduce logistics costs by 30%, be sure to indicate this. If you, as a sales manager, regularly overfulfilled the plan, then write down how much, etc. But be prepared to explain these figures during the interview.

Financial responsibility

The ability to responsibly treat the company’s money and perform work, the result of which directly relates to your financial well-being, is greatly appreciated by employers. If you prove the ability to bear financial responsibility, it will be a big plus.

You can, for example, tell about how you made purchases on the budget provided, how much you managed to save. If you were a financially responsible person, let me know that there was not a single problem related to this, etc.

Leadership skills

Candidates with leadership qualities are often valued more than ordinary performers. Such employees are ready to take on much greater responsibility, replace the boss during holidays or illness, coordinate the work of several people or even the whole team.

If you had to lead a small team, though not a very long time, write about this and the result you managed to achieve. It is possible to indicate such experience in a resume if you coordinated the work of several people informally under certain circumstances. The main thing is to show that you are capable of it and can be relied on.

Useful links

An employee who is able at any time to find the right artist or intermediary in a short time, is of value to the company. Business connections are an important resource in business. In the summary, you can write that you have established contacts in factories in China, established contacts in government agencies, that you know responsible performers in the field of printing and have worked with them. It is worth mentioning everything that can be useful to the company according to its field of activity. Perhaps some question is waiting for a decision right now, and you can help with this.

Loud names

The mention of well-known companies or individuals will help your resume to attract attention. Even if you did not work in such companies on an ongoing basis, but contacted you on work issues, you can mention them. Of course, you should not write about the fact that you once called the largest company in your industry, or shook the hand of its director. This should be a fairly significant working relationship: direct work in a company or with a person, signing a contract, establishing cooperation, etc. If you can provide recommendations from such sources, it will be even better.

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